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Almost Solo #13

  • Incube.8r Gallery 321 Smith Street Fitzroy Australia (map)

Not quite a group show, not quite a solo show, Almost Solo brings individual artists together to exhibit their bodies of work in a shared space.  Featuring works from Kylie Haberl, Anna Klaassen, Georgia Laughton & Kat Niclis.

Georgia’s work:

One of the wisest and loveliest humans I know told me “everything in life is just a bubble. The good, the bad, the pain and the joy; All bubbles burst, but that’s okay, you just blow some more*”. This art represents me blowing some bubbles and reflecting on my last 6 months of 5 consecutive health issues that burst some happy bubbles.

*this is the very simplified version but its been 20+ years since we sat on a step pondering the meaning of life, and simple now works for me.